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Questions for Consumers

Most people tend to pick a dance studio for its location or class schedule without giving serious thought to what they will be getting for their investment, which can be substantial over the years as their child takes dance lessons. As non-dancers, one may just not know what to ask. Following are questions an informed consumer should ask when inquiring about dance training.

What is your experience as a studio manager?

Miss Doreen has owned and managed Doreen's Dance Center since 1986. The studio's consistent growth & fine reputation in the area are testaments to her desire to bring quality, progressive dance training to her students in a fun, loving environment.

Who will be teaching my child's class?

All classes at Doreen's Dance Center are taught by adult, experienced dance/acrobatics teachers who continue their dance education through master classes, workshops, and seminars with world-renowned teachers. Young teachers must apprentice with the director first before teaching their own classes.  Proper dance technique and classroom safety are a priority at DDC.

Are the students left under the charge of teen assistants or are pre-school classes taught by teens?

Although our pre-professional level students assist and demonstrate in our classrooms, adult teachers are always present. Warmups are an integral part of dance classes and should always be directed by one trained in proper dance technique. Preschoolers especially need an experienced teacher to deal with their special needs and to make sure their initial training is a positive experience with correct direction.

How is your customer service?

At Doreen's Dance Center, a receptionist is on-duty during all classes to assist you with answering questions, shoe fittings and sales, and all studio business.   All phone calls and emails are returned within 24 hours. We have staff who work full time year round so that you receive service at your convenience.

What is your philosophy regarding dance teaching?

Statistics show that less than 5 percent of students who take dance classes become professional dancers. It is the philosophy of this school to provide excellent dance training to all students regardless of their future ambitions. But more importantly, we strive to be positive role models for the children to help them with their self-esteem and personal growth. All classes are taught with positive reinforcement and kindness.  We stress teamwork, manners and service to others.

What are your tuition costs and all other costs I will incur?

All mandatory costs are listed in our studio brochure including registration fees, tuition, costume & recital fees.

Information can also be found under the Fall/Winter Schedule tab on the website.

Do you sell dance supplies?

Doreen's Dance Center sells the items required for our classes for your convenience at comparable prices to dance shops.

This way you are assured of proper fitting and correct attire.

Tell me about your recital.

Our show is held at the beautiful RHAM High School auditorium. It is never over three hours in length, and is fast paced and entertaining.  We will be happy to lend you a DVD of a prior performance.

Quotes from relatives of our students:

A grandmother stated, "This is the best dance recital I have ever been too...and believe me I have been to a lot!!"

A grandfather stated, "I came from Massachusetts and boy was I regretting this, until I saw it. I'm definitely coming back next year!"

A first year parent stated, "I had no idea! It was like a Broadway show!"

A student exclaimed after a double performance, "I love the recital! Can we do it again?"

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