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Tap(ages 4 & up)

Tap classes meet for 55 minutes weekly.  Style, rhythm, and strong technique are emphasized for all levels.  Classes consist of a warm-up, center floor work, across the floor combinations, & choreographed routines.  Both Broadway Style and Rhythm Tap are taught.

Classes meet for the entire dance season (Sept.-May) and will perform one dance in both productions of our annual recital.


Dress Code:


​Leotard (any color, any style) or sports bra and black leggings

Tights (any color, any style)

No loose fitting shirts or sweatshirts

Stretch jazz pants, shorts or capri pants (optional)



Level  pre-2:  Revolution U-Shell in Tan

Levels 3: Bloch Maryjane #S0302 in Tan

Teen Level:  Revolution Black tie-up tap shoe

Level 4-6-Capezio CG19 "cadence" in Black



Sweat Pants or shorts

Shoes:  Capezio Black tie-up tap shoes.


Comfortable athletic clothing

Shoes see above

Most items are available for purchase through DDC's Store.

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