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Hip Hop(ages 4 & up)

Hip Hop Classes:
​Meeting weekly for 55 minutes, these pop culture classes are filled with aerobic energy and the latest moves.  Classes combine a warm-up, center floor technique, break dancing, & choreographed routines.​  These classes meet for the full dance season (Sept.-May).  Classes will perform one dance in both of our shows.


Dress Code:


T-Shirt, Leotards, or sports bra and black leggings

Tights (any color, any style) under pants or leotard

Low-Top Black Sneaker (black sole and upper) any brand

Hair may be worn down



 Sweat Pants or Shorts

Low-Top Black Sneaker (black sole and upper), any brand


Most items are available for purchase through DDC's Store. 

​Sneakers can be purchased on line or at any retail store.

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