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At 15 years old, I made one of the best decisions of my life. I began dancing at DDC!  Starting dance as a teenager was scary, but I was welcomed with loving and caring arms. The positive environment of DDC fed my passion for dance. It is so inspiring to watch yourself grow in a place that you love. Despite starting late, I was invited to the company competition team for my senior year. During that year, I spent almost every day with people who supported me, cared for me, laughed with me, and became my forever family. What I learned in that year went far beyond just dance. To quote a German writer, "Instruction does much, but encouragement does everything". I encourage you to follow your heart. I did and I could never be more grateful!   

Alyssa Nadeau

September, 2020

We absolutely can't wait until next year's 30th anniversary. I have watched Erin come into her own as a dancer at your studio these past 7 years. As her Mom, I know with certainty that her involvement with the other dancers, your instructors, and the environment you have created have helped her step out of her shell, become more confident, and reach toward her dreams with such faith she can achieve them.
Lisa Wilder
August, 2015
We have moved to GA.  Sophie had a GREAT experience at Doreen's and we actually would have re-enrolled with you guys.  You are organized, professional and fun -- three characteristics that were previously hard for us to find, all in one studio.  Thank you for a great year last year - Sophie loved Hip Hop!
Kim Reale
July, 2015
I attended the dance recital this weekend and I felt that I had to send some type of acknowledgement of how much I loved the show... the caliber of dance (even among the young ones) was just fantastic!! Hats off to a great teaching staff!!! I wish I lived closer to Colchester so that my daughter could attend your dance school!!! :)
Not only was the dancing fantastic, but the entire production, from lighting, to the music, the props, etc. were great!!! Congratulations on a job well done!!
D. Johnson
May, 2011
" wonderful I think (Doreen's) Dance Center is. Many of my students have taken lessons from Miss Doreen & her staff & I really feel that the discipline they learn at their dance lessons and the positive attitude that's enforced carries over in the the classroom."
~Andrea Pascal, East Haddam Middle School, Social Studies Teacher
It's difficult to believe that this is our 14th year at Doreen's Dance Center! During each performance, I marvel at how professionally trained they have become as I remember that first recital when they watched the teachers on the side of the stage, look at their feet, or stare at the audience. My children have not only learned to dance while at the studio, they've learned to respect themselves and others, they've learned what it is to be part of a team, they've developed self-confidence, and above all, they've had fun!
~Donna Barney, June 2010
I would highly recommend Doreen's Dance Center for anyone interested. The studio offers classes for all ages: boys as well as girls. The teachers are creative, and have a way of integrating fun with serious training. My daughter is, now, part of Doreen's Dance Company. The Dance Company is teaching her how to be a good team member & player. As well, she has made a few new friends and gained confidence in herself and her dance abilities. She is not afraid to try something new and realizes the importance of being a good listener and showing respect to all teammates & instructors. It's nice when you can incorporate strong moral values with a fun activity!
~Sandy Clark, June 2010
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