DDC Company

Doreen's Dance Center has 4 divisions of company under the direction of Esther Erickson
Dance Company - pre-professional dancers who study multiple styles of dance including but not limited to Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop, Modern and Acro.  Dance Company is comprised of  Junior/Senior, Freshies, and Kidz Teams.  
Acro Team - students who are very serious about their Acro studies. These students take Acro classes as well as Ballet and Jazz classes.  Acro Company consists of Senior and Junior Teams.
Tap Team - students who love Tap dancing and study it seriously, taking two Tap classes a week.
Performance Team - students who love performing and dancing. They will be dancing at local events in the community as well entertaining at local daycare centers and convalescent homes. ** Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Performance Team is on hiatus for the 2020-2021
For more information about Dance, Acro or Performance teams please contact the studio office.