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Jazz(ages 4 & up)

Depending on the level, jazz classes meet weekly for between 55 minutes and 1 hour 25 minutes .  This class combines warm-up exercises, floor stretches, center floor isolations, progressions and choreographed routines.  Style, rhythm, and dance technique are emphasized.​
Classes meet for the entire dance season (Sept.-May) and will perform one dance in both productions of our annual recital.


Dress Code:


Leotard (any color, any style)

tights (any color)

No loose fitting shirts or sweatshirts

Stretch jazz pants, shorts, or capri pants allowed over tights

Shoes:  Revolution Premium Pull-on Jazz Boot, #606 in Dark Tan


Solid T-Shirt

 Sweat Pants or Shorts

Shoes: Revolution Pull-on Jazz Boot in Boot in Black


Comfortable athletic clothing

Tan slip-on Jazz Shoes

Most items are available for purchase through DDC's Store. 

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