Preschool Dance

(ages 3-4 )

These classes meet weekly for 45 minutes. This course teaches varying rhythms and tempos, spatial awareness, grace of movement and introduces the child to Ballet, the foundation of all forms of dance.
Besides the basics of dance, these classes are designed to teach your child self-esteem, confidence, social skills, and the discipline of a classroom setting. These are characteristics and lessons that they will be able to use throughout their entire lives.
Offered for the full dance season (Sept.-May), and will perform one dance in one performance of our annual recital.

Dress Code:


​Leotard (any style)

Pink Tights

Revolution Stretch Ballet Shoe #150 in Classic Pink

Skirt (optional)


White T-Shirt

Black Sweat Pants

Revolution Stretch Black Ballet Slippers

Most items are available for purchase through DDC's Store. 

​Doreen's Dance Center

711 Middletown Road, (Rt 16 @ Rt 149)

​Colchester, CT 06415

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Horton Workshop '21

For information on classes, please contact the Studio Office.