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Miss Kiera


Kiera McMahon

Born and raised in Connecticut, Kiera McMahon began her dance training at Doreen’s Dance Center and extended her formal dance education at The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, where she graduated high school. Her love for dance continued to grow, as she continued her dance studies at The University of The Arts in Philadelphia, PA. During her time in college she had the pleasure of performing in various works by Beth Gill, Paul Matteson, Sidra Bell, Jesse Zarritt, and many more. Kiera was awarded the opportunity to travel to Paris, France in the summer of 2018 where she performed and participated in the Camping Festival at the Centre National de la Danse.  She returned to Europe in the winter to collaborate and train with students from Ecole Superieure Musique et Danse in Lille, France. Kiera graduated from UART’s in May of 2019 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts and received recognition for Sustainability, awarded by the dance faculty.  After graduating, Kiera extended her knowledge in the world of theater, where she worked as a Production apprentice at the American Dance Festival in Durham, North Carolina.  She later moved to Brooklyn, New York working as a Production Crew member at Gibney Dance Center where she also continued taking class from New York based artists.  Kiera is happy to be home connecting back to her roots and reflecting on where her love for dance first  blossomed.
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