Miss Arianna


Arianna Dechalus

Miss Arianna is from Colchester, CT.   She recently graduated from Bacon Academy High School and will be furthering her education at Mitchell College with a major in Criminal Justice.  She will continue training in dance at Doreen's Dance Center and Studio 8-Sixty.
Arianna started dancing at Doreen's at age 2 years old and was invited the competition team at age 7.  After dancing at Doreen's for 16 years Arianna is now transitioning into the role of  teacher and  couldn't be more thankful to be surrounded but such warm hearted staff and dancers.
        "Growing up at DDC has taught me so much more than just dance... it has taught me how to be open minded; while thinking outside the box and how to work with others while being comfortable in your own skin.

       While going into this amazing role of training dancers, I wish and hope that each and everyone of them can find themselves and feel confident after each and every class. My goal; as a teacher at Doreen's, is to make everyone feel at home."

DDC is excited to welcome Arianna home as part of the teaching staff.