Acro Company

These award-winning students are enrolled in our intensive acrobatics/tumbling training program.  They compete in regional and national talent competitions.  Membership is by invitation only upon the recommendation of the team director, Esther Erickson. Students are required to take weekly classes in acrobatics, ballet, jazz and choreography.  Those interested in hearing more should speak with Miss Essie.

2020-2021 Competition Season Highlights

Senior Acro

Titanic - Platinum, 6th Place Overall - Excellent Teamwork & Partnering Award, 5 Stars, Invite to Battle on the Seas, 1st in category

Sleepwalking - High Platinum, 5th Place Overall, 5 Stars, Acro Judges Award, 1st place in category

Senior Acro Solo and Duo Placements

Bury - 1st place in category, Fearless Judges Award

Open Water - 1st place in category

I Have Nothing - 1st place in category, Power Pak Invite

What's Love Got to Do with it - Total Commitment Judges Award

Egypte - 1st place in category, Discovery Spotlight Scholarship

Junior Acro 

Dig a Little Deeper - Platinum, 4th Place Overall, 5 Stars, 1st in category

Gonna Wash that Man Right Outta My Hair - Gold, 2nd Place Overall, 4 3/4 Stars, 1st in Category

Junior Acro Solo and Duo Placements

Open Water - 8th Overall, 1st place in category

Still Rock N Roll to Me -  6th Place Overall, 1st place in category

How Will I Know - 4th Place Overall, Energizer Bunny Award, 8th place Overall, 1st place in category

Brazzle Dazzle Day - 2nd Place Overall, 6th Place Overall, 1st place in category

Acro Solos and Duo also earned 2 Golds, a Platinum, and a High Platinum

Acro Company 2018-2019 Season

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