Acrobatics(ages 4 & up)

​In this 55 minute class students will learn the floor work of gymnastics including forward & backward rolls, handstand- forward rolls, back bend & recover, front limber, cartwheels, back walk-overs, back chest-rolls, back handsprings, back tucks, and more.​  These classes meet for the full dance season (Sept.-May). 
Beginner Acro Classes (for the true beginner) all the way through Tumbling Classes (for the advanced acrobat) available. 


Acro Level Requirements

for more information please visit the DDC office



Level 1a:  No experience necessary.

Level 1b:  Some acro experience.

Level 2a: Must have 1 side cartwheel, tripod and bridge from laying.

Level 2b:  Must have all skills above plus backbend.

Level 3: Must have all skills listed above plus front limber, back chest roll, and recover from backbend.

Level 4/5a:  Must have all skills listed above plus back walkover.

Level 4/5b: Must have all skills listed above plus back limber, starting back handsprings and side ariels.

Level 6:  Must have all skills listed above back handspring and/or side ariel.  With teacher approval.

Level 7:  Open to Company members only by invitation.

Dress Code:


Leotard (any color, any style)

Footless, Stirrup or Convertible Tights (any color)

Bare Feet


White T-Shirts

Black Sweat Pants

Bare Feet

Most items available through DDC's Store

​Doreen's Dance Center

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Acro classes available for ages 4 and up